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Free chat hehe

If you were with your crush in person, would you laugh at the end of every sentence?

A woman's fingers are just as dexterous as a man's...

With the recent passing of Chester, and even before then, I’ve seen a lot of people ask about what happen the old LP Underground chat.

We don’t really have a centralized location to chat anymore, aside from the forum, but it isn’t real-time.

The way we laugh is, according to anthropologist Munro S Edmonson, a “signal of individuality.” And an outburst of laughter is an important enough part of communication that we represent it in text.

In a recent The New Yorker article, Sarah Larson wrote about laughter in internet-based communication – the use of .

In her 2011 book Variationist Sociolinguistics: Change, Observation, Interpretation, linguist Sali Tagliamonte shares three historical examples of laughter in literature. However, you’ll also see texts from plays and scripts, along with dialogue in novels and even dictionaries of other spoken languages.Larson writes, “The terms of e-laughter – ‘ha ha,’ ‘ho ho,’ ‘hee hee,’ ‘heh’ – are implicitly understood by just about everybody.But, in recent years, there’s been an increasingly popular newcomer: ‘hehe.’” However, even before texting and online chatting, textual representations of laughter – most of which have onomatopoeic forms – have appeared in writing since Chaucer’s time. Answering every question with one sentence and a period doesn't communicate "I am cool and aloof." It screams "I am uninterested and self-absorbed." Especially if you know that ellipsis will show up on your crush's phone. Being fit is cool and all, but let your fitness speak for itself.

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All of these representations of laughter are connected to words being spoken out loud.