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Still, he s learned to prepare himself for the run of good luck to end.

She came to prominence for her starring role as Kate Austen in the ABC series Lost (2004–10), for which she won a Screen Actors Guild Award and received a Golden Globe Award nomination.

They quietly broke up after Monaghan departed from the show.

2011 She got with her current boyfriend Norman Kali and had her first child with him, called Kajekili, which is Hawaiian for thunder in May 2011.

She was one month pregnant with her son when she finished filming Real Steel.

These two had such a weird breakup, and now we may know why.

“He plays it all the time – even on his cell phone at work.” Admits Monaghan: People will say things, and I ll Scrabble what they say in my head. “He’s the life of the party, but he takes work very seriously,” says Lost executive producer Bryan Burk.“Here’s someone who’s only had a glimpse of fame, and then the door has been slammed in his face,” says Monaghan.The megahit series has finally busted that door down for Monaghan, who treasures his new life on Oahu.After referencing a favorite quote about love from his idol John Lennon, he says, When love is in your life, you feel like you re on the right track. Monaghan is already painfully familiar with the fickleness of fame.Born in Berlin, he grew up on German army bases (dad Austin was a science teacher for the British armed forces; mom Maureen was a nurse) before moving to Manchester, England, at 11, where he acted in plays and a British TV series before landing his big break in the euphoria, Monaghan found himself jobless, watching as his castmates easily landed follow-up projects. “I understood for the first time what it meant to be unhappy.” That depression came in handy during his Lost audition for Charlie.

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castaways are obsessed with numbers – particularly the six cursed numerals that frequently pop up on the hit series.