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Dimakahandes online dating

Khachaturian later wrote that "the October Revolution fundamentally changed my whole life and, if I have really grown into a serious artist, then I am indebted only to the people and the Soviet Government.To this people is dedicated my entire conscious life, as is all my creative work." When asked about his visit to the Vatican, Khachaturian responded: "I'm an atheist, but I'm a son of the [Armenian] people who were the first to officially adopt Christianity and thus visiting the Vatican was my duty." In 1921, the eighteen-year-old Khachaturian moved to Moscow to join his oldest brother, Suren, who had settled in Moscow earlier and was a stage director at the Moscow Art Theatre by the time of his arrival.The city had a large Armenian population and was a major Armenian cultural center until the Russian Revolution and the following years.

His most popular piece, the "Sabre Dance" from Gayane, has been used extensively in popular culture and has been covered by a number of musicians worldwide.

In 1917, the Bolsheviks rose to power in Russia in the October Revolution.

After over two years of fragile independence, Armenia fell to Soviet rule in late 1920. Both countries formally became part of the Soviet Union in December 1922.

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Born and raised in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, Khachaturian moved to Moscow in 1921 following the Sovietization of the Caucasus.

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"Throughout the early and mid-1940s, Khachaturian used that position to help shape Soviet music, always stressing but technically masterful composition.