David deangelo dating secrets

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David deangelo dating secrets

My worst dates have always been with those men who are legends in their own minds.Every other guy I've at least found one or two things I can appreciate about them and the date.The legendary men have been all ego, boring as hell, and behave as though its some sort of honor that they deigned to ask you out.One was so hideous as to tell me on a couple of occasions during the date what I was thinking....which of course wasn't what I had been thinking at all and he would have been very surprised to find out what was really on my mind.There are women out there who appreciate the things a man does, and loves to do for the man as well.

Your post makes me sad in the fact that you seem like a very caring person and have just hooked up with some crummy women.

But by then you're already hooked, like a drug addict, you do ridiculous things to try to get your next fix.

Harsh indeed I agree that the starvation Funky1 speaks of is his need to be wanted and desired. So, if she thinks he would respond the way he does to any ole woman, she doesn't feel special. So, Funky1, as hard as it may be, you've first got to decide that you are worthy of being liked, and when you meet a woman, decide if you actually like her for her before you "latch on."Its odd how the dates where I had the worst time never ever ask if I had a good time.

A person can become so starved for that that when they get a glimmer of hope it's time to latch on.

At this point in my life, all I care about is that she is female. Loneliness and constant rejection eventually drives a man not to care. Of course if you are needy, getting a little of what you need can help, but how is this if they are repelled by your need?

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Now, I can practically hear men’s voices protesting from everywhere, saying “But David, there are a lot of needy women too! Women are not looking for a man who agrees with everything they say. Some say I’m nuts, others say I’ve changed their life forever. I’d prefer brutally honest breakthrough to a “nice” rut any damn day of the week.