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One song titled “Red People” includes lyrics that tranlate into English as: Some heavy metal fans say Arandu Arakuaa isn’t “real metal.” The group’s brightly colored outfits certainly contrast with the leather and spikes of many old-school acts.

But such critiques do not deter the band members from their collective vision.

The band combines traditional metal sounds with indigenous Brazilian stylings executed on flutes, foot rattles, and other instruments.

The band has now released two albums and garnered thousands of followers on social media.

Arandu Arakuaa, whose name translates in Tupi Guarani – or just “Tupi” for short – to “wisdom of the cosmos,” is the only contemporary band to sing in that language, and their colorful lyrics are about indigenous legends, rights, and the struggles facing native Brazilian tribes today.

Some call Arandu Arakuaa the first “folk-metal” band in the history of Brazil.

Tribal gods and ancient rituals are often labeled as evil by Brazilian society.

“There is a stigma around the tribes,” Aquino says, “and a lot of prejudice around them since they are often labeled as lazy, which is not true.” Arandu Arakuaa addresses these struggles in their lyrics.

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They have even lectured at universities about the importance of preserving the culture and languages of Tupi and other tribes.