Dating website commercial parody of beauty

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Dating website commercial parody of beauty

Female porn stars and female masks, does it get any better than that? A dead woman is resurrected as a look-a-like robot who goes around in various disguises murdering the people responsible for "her" death.

She then stretches the mask and it snaps back into its properly fitting position. At the end of the movie, girl reporter Heather (Alicia Silverstone) is unmasked to reveal she's really Jacobo (Tim Blake Nelson). The heroine unmasks exchange student Monique (Anna Garcia Williams) to reveal Principal Burden (Michael Mc Connohie).Additions and corrections to this list would be appreciated. In this unfunny college comedy a mistress of disguise takes off her mask as one of the students in the dorm in the last 1 or 2 minutes of the movie. The only thing you see of the mask itself, is a mass of "something with hair" in her hand before she throws it away. She is wrapped in gauze, and starts to make love to this man who helps her to get her skin back.Entries are limited to examples of female rubber masks. British thriller ends with Ann Ballard (Jenny Agutter) taking off an incredibly realistic mask and wig of Jean Simmons without the usual cutaway shot. Later in the movie Ashley Laurence, who is battling Clare, finds her skin somewhere in the other dimension, and puts it on like a mask to fool the creatures who are trapped there. (review by "Covered") Hell Squad (1985) A grade-B action-adventure film about a group of female mercenaries who rescue the kidnapped son of a United States ambassador in the Middle East.(Review by Robur) In this porn film Kay Parker wears a mask to disguise herself as Madame Lau, an asian suductress.It's a prosthetic mask and wig that she peels off in a real erotic fashion.

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Doubtfire, to pose as a housekeeper to see his kids.

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