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We can provide education and counseling about the nature and dynamics of family violence, help you learn to avoid abusive relationships, and help educate kids to break the generational cycle of violence.Children make up about half of the clients that we serve.The four-page questionnaire was sent in the 2015-16 year to 750 randomly selected public-school principals, with a 54 percent response rate.

Further, when principals were presented with several options and asked to identify the largest barrier to assisting student victims, the second most-common response—following lack of training—was that “dating violence is a minor issue compared with other student health issues we deal with.”According to Jagdish Khubchandani, the associate professor of health science at Ball State University and the study’s lead author, some school principals are hampered by faculty and staff without sufficient skills and training; others, meanwhile, mistakenly perceive dating violence as a typical, trivial teenage problem.

“If they choose not to take action, for me, they are a bystander.”The study exposed multiple instances of high-school principals seemingly misinformed or uninformed on teen dating violence.

For example, respondents were most likely to assume that counselors and parents are preferable to students’ peers in assisting victims.

Our Summer Children's Program provides daily activities and field trips for children who are in the shelter while school is out.

The Proposed Revision Cycle document contains the proposed revision cycle for all Secondary Curricula.

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Ninety-three percent of principals said they referred student victims of dating violence to counselors, while 85 percent said they informed the victim’s parents or guardians.

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