Dating soldiers and emotional help

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Dating soldiers and emotional help

Many are seized and recruited by force whereas others join to escape their circumstances.

These children are detained with no real evidence, or in massive sweeps.Beber & Blattman argue that raising the cost of war crimes can have a significant impact and: “foreign governments, international organizations, diasporas, and local populations can discourage child recruitment by withholding resources or punishing offenders”.Additionally they argue that here, children’s reservation utilities are crucial and that introducing real alternatives in the form of economic and educational opportunities, can help make recruitment difficult.In 2011, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon raised the issue of children in conflict areas, who are under threat, and involved in violent activities according to the "Extreme Measures" report.In 2014, more than 17 cases were covered about children in armed conflict.

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The Optional Protocol further obligates states to "take all feasible measures to prevent such recruitment and use, including the adoption of legal measures necessary to prohibit and criminalize such practices." (Art 4, Optional Protocol.) Likewise, under the Optional Protocol states are required to demobilize children within their jurisdiction who have been recruited or used in hostilities, and to provide assistance for their physical and psychological recovery and social reintegration.