Dating rules about calling

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Dating rules about calling

Does this sound a lot like what your grandmother told you?

This is something that will never change, no matter how much society changes.

In one way you may think that you should call to thank him for a nice evening or just to say hello but this is one of the most crucial times to let him call you first.He is the hunter and he likes the thrill of a chase.If you make yourself too accessible to him then he will become bored easily.After Several Dates Once the two of you have established some kind of rapport and he seems to have shown genuine interest in being with you and spending time with him then it is fine to call once in awhile or even text him a good morning or hello.The rules change a bit as the time goes by and two people become acclimated to each other and start building a relationship.

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If the argument or fight was prompted by something he did that made you angry then perhaps you better let him call you.

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