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It seems to me that even just making friends is a challenge for people these days . It seems my son’s friends aren’t that into dating for the most part. Agreed that lots of people think it’s not worth the effort.

I quote him: “I’ve watched my siblings go through this and it’s really awful.

As a borderline narcissistic introvert, you might be surprised to learn that I have friends, even friends from many different lands (states) and persuasions. Of course the rest of you won’t be surprised at all. Here, in no particular sequence of topics, are some observations from students, friends, and neighbors on dating culture among Mormons, and sometimes, others.

One friend observed that the experience of two relatives suggests that serious relationships among singles are drying up.

Honestly, I don’t really feel like I missed out–I tend to view casual dating as a waste of time and never met anyone before ****** who I wanted a serious relationship with.” “Right, but that’s part of the problem, I think.

In non-LDS worlds, dating isn’t serious business, and it’s not about only going out with people you want a serious relationship with.

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