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Dating a flight attendant yahoo answers

All of these duties are very important since passengers commonly choose their airline based on the quality of service and comfort throughout the duration of their flight.

Flight attendants are required to buy uniforms and wear them while on duty.

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Airline Flight Attendant A flight attendants first and foremost responsibility is the safety of the aircraft cabin and its passengers Flight attendants must comply with Federal Aviation Regulations FARs require flight attendants to be on aircraft for the sole purpose of performing safetyrelated duties However duties also include a wide range of passenger service functions Flight attendants must be prepared for the unexpected and able to change from their passenger service role to their critical safety role at a moments notice The flight attendant is the most highly visible employee to passengers of an aircraft.

In-flight service to passengers and the operation of cabin equipment requires the flight attendant to stand, walk, kneel, bend, stoop, reach, lift heavy objects from the floor to above shoulder-level heights, and push and pull equipment.

In-flight duties keep flight attendants on their feet most of the time.

When flight assignments require overnight stays in cities away from home base, hotel accommodations and travel allowances for meal expenses and transportation are provided.Some days you may fly as few as one leg, although it is not uncommon to fly between 7-8 legs in one day.In most cases, agreements between the airline and the union determine the total monthly working time.Most airlines require a flight attendant to purchase the first uniform which can run between 0 and 0.Deductions are generally taken out of pay in installments.

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