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Continuing students also get access to one video cat counseling session per month.

Otome Juku is holding its first orientation event on November 5, and cases start on November 17.

Reservations can be made through the school’s website here.

School information Otome Juku / 乙女塾 Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku.

That’s the life of a fa’afafine in Samoa,’ she explains.

‘They help and do everything in the family.’ Julie is, in effect, gay as she is attracted to men.

But not just dress up, he lives the life of a woman – he has the eyelashes, eyebrows, has make-up done and wears a bra. It is a respected part of the fa’afafine tradition and Julie has accepted it gladly.‘I cook for them, I tidy, I iron their clothes.

But now in her first interview, given exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, she has told of her delight when Manu buys her make-up and designer handbags. However, if I played professional rugby then I would do better than the others. ’In the UK, Julie would be described as a transvestite and her striking looks would command significant attention.

And she explains how she has steered clear of the sport which dominates her family – happy instead to stay at home and do the ironing for her elderly parents.‘Never in my life have I played rugby,’ she shudders. But in Samoa, she attracts barely a second glance because of the deep-rooted Polynesian culture of the fa’afafine, or third gender, which defies Western sexual conventions.

A rights group has criticised Malaysia over a discriminatory law against cross-dressing after an Islamic court fined nine Muslim transgender women.

Human Rights Watch called on Malaysia to immediately abolish the law which prohibits "a male person posing as a woman"."Malaysian authorities need to stop hauling transgender people into court simply because of who they are and what they wear," said Neela Ghoshal, Human Rights Watch's senior researcher on LGBT rights."The government needs to recognise that the freedom to express your gender is as fundamental as any other freedom."The women were arrested in a raid on 16 June in the northeastern Malaysian state of Kelantan.

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For there it is his equally strapping 6ft brother Olotuli who catches the eye – dressed as a woman and known as Julie.

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