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Completely free granny chat

It is a round-up of 10 tutorials for joining granny squares. If you have any questions or feedback, shoot me a comment!Of the ten, Lucy’s method (link above) is my favourite. I’m guessing that you stumbled upon this post because you like making squares.The easier method by far is to join the crochet squares to each other in long strips, as if you were making a bunch of scarves.You can then join these strips to each other using the method above.

You can also like my Facebook page or follow me on Bloglovin or Google . When I make my squares I leave a 1 meter/1 yard tail of yarn when I bind off.I use this tail to attach the crochet squares to each other as I make them. Maternal instinct to the power of two; you're pretty much screwed.She's highly likely to be the matriarch of a Badass Family. See also: When Elders Attack, My Grandma Can Do Better Than You!

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This one is my favourite, though, both for how it looks and for how flat the resulting seams are. I had used this method years ago when I just started crocheting again and had not liked the fact that it took a bit longer than some of the other methods (I know! Beth, one of my testers and a very good friend, urged me to try it again. I am calling it the “zipper” method, because that is what Beth called it. You crochet the blocks together as if you are zipping them up.

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