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Christian dating grand canyon arizona

These are supposed to detail the various stages of evolving life-forms.

What most people do not realize is that the so-called geologic column, as represented in the textbooks, does not exist anywhere upon the earth!

Note please: some 350 million years of alleged evolutionary history are missing from the canyon record.

More than one-third of what should be there is gone. The truth is, the testimony of the earth strata in the Grand Canyon is against evolutionary uniformitarianism—not in favor of it. Clifford Burdick, who did many studies in the canyon, declares: “This gorge bespeaks catastrophism rather than uniformity” (1968, 3). Samuel Hubbard, curator of archaeology in the Oakland (CA) Museum, discovered carvings of dinosaurs on the cliff walls of the Havai Supai region in the Grand Canyon.

The effects of this local catastrophe have been carefully studied over the past several years and some surprising information has emerged.

First, in 1986 it was reported that new strata, over six hundred feet thick, have formed at Mount St. That is an average of one hundred feet in less than one year!

As it turns out, though, the Grand Canyon is an embarrassment to evolutionary theorists, for huge chunks of the “textbook” time table are completely missing from the canyon record.

The geologic time table is a common feature in textbooks dealing with geology.

If one postulates that a similar (or greater) catastrophe was instrumental in forming (partially or completely) the Grand Canyon, and that a comparable rate of deposition was involved, at the rate of one hundred feet per year, the 5,700 feet of strata of the Grand Canyon could have been laid down in fifty-seven years.

Second, there have been numerous subsequent mudflows in the aftermath of the St. For example, on March 19, 1982, a canyon, which has come to be known as the little Grand Canyon, was formed in one day—one hundred forty feet deep!

Within six minutes, a forest of one hundred fifty square miles was completely wiped out.

Huge rock slides, water waves (at nearby Spirit Lake), steam output, etc., generated an energy release roughly equal to twenty thousand atomic bombs like those employed in Japan during World War II.

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It has been mentally invented by geologists upon the basis of evolutionary assumptions.

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