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It was not immediately clear why Rela has been shut down.

The company did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Particularly in recent months, a large number of online accounts have been deactivated by hidden online censors for unknown reasons.

Gay activists say deeply conservative attitudes towards homosexuality in some parts of society have contributed to occasional government clampdowns.Li Yinhe, 65, China’s leading sociologist on sex and family as well as an activist for LGBT rights, has become a role model of courage and rationality for many Chinese netizens.Against China’s increasingly harsh control on information, Li has been constantly calling on all Chinese citizens to fight against censorship with moderate and rational argument., the Chinese government’s clampdown on internet activities has become increasingly harsh.In April, another gay Chinese dating app, Zank, was also shut down after operating for about four years.In a message on its Weibo account, which is still available, Zank said it had been accused by the internet regulator of broadcasting pornographic content and so had been closed down.

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