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Blogs on dating in nyc

In other words, there are now 1.04 single men for every single woman in the city, up from 1.02 in 2010.

Jackson Heights, Queens retained its title as home to the greatest concentration of single men in the city with an increase from 1.7 to 1.8 young single men per woman from 2010 to 2012.

In each post, she describes her attire for the date (example: "White silk blouse, black pencil skirt, black heels") and her date's attire (example: "A suit"), the day, time and overall rating of how the date went on a scale of 1-10.

Gauging from emails she received, comments on posts and those who discuss it on social media, Tinderella said that readers range from empathetic single girls to men wanting a female perspective.

In those neighborhoods, single women outnumber single men by 49% and 38%, respectively.

In East Harlem, for example, there were 1.4 single men for every single woman in 2012, up from 0.9 in 2010.My favorite thing to do is to curl up on my couch, drink tea and watch re-runs of Sex and the City.If you’re not familiar with this show, it’s about a columnist named Carrie Bradshaw who would write about relationships and navigating through New York City, one sale at a time.While the blog is meant for humor, the most popular post is by far the saddest, according to Tinderella."The Boston Tinder" is a New England expat who Tinderella described as "smart and rich but not a finance douche." It was three weeks of making out in front of impatient cab drivers, midnight walks through Washington Square Park and days full of loved up text messages.

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Three Brooklyn neighborhoods—Park Slope/Carroll Gardens, Bushwick, and Downtown Brooklyn—have the greatest concentrations of cohabitating households, with unmarried partners making up just over 10% of all households in each neighborhood.