Beautiful people dating review

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The worst part is, you get to see the graph that tallies the votes as they come in about you.And watch, as I did, as the judgemental douches at the site begin deeming you acceptably hot, or too ugly to date in their pool of cool kids.Just so she didn’t go through life thinking everyone believes she is hot.I took a look around the site with my free membership, and saw that it had a few good features.

Also, they don’t have a mobile app to use, which is a disappointment for someone like me who wants to be able to use the site from his mobile phone.

And lastly, the problem with the site is that recently they got hacked.

Apparently a disgruntled ex employee put a virus in the system so that over 30,000 “ugly” people snuck through the voting system and were allowed in.

As you can tell, the biggest problem with the site is that you might not actually be allowed to use it if their members don’t think you’re good looking enough.

It’s like high school and if you’re not part of the popular group, you’re an outcast.

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