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Bbc iplayer online dating

The initial scenes of Pip’s home life never quite come to life, but once we are whisked away to London, via Miss Havisham’s ruined mansion and her cold-hearted ward, Estella, Newell’s version begins to find surer footing.

A big-screen adventure that keeps things decidedly small, Alpha Papa impresses not because of its laugh count but because of its surprisingly mature take on Steve Coogan’s ageing non-celebrity, which emerges as something tender as well as silly.In a report to the select committee, the BBC insisted that the licence fee was “very likely to remain the most effective way to fund the BBC beyond 2016”.But it may be necessary to “modernise” the fee to capture the growing number of people watching programmes online.Snooker may not be the most exciting or mainstream sport, but the film understands that it’s about people as much as potting – and Will Merrick as Davis and Luke Treadaway as Higgins are uncannily good, one hilariously awkward and the other tragically self-destructive.Together with business guru Barry Hearn (a brilliant Kevin Bishop) crafting a new, professional era for the sport, The Rack Pack is a moving tribute to a bygone sporting age and a legend who simply wouldn’t exist today.

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Kenneth Branagh’s Laurence Olivier is equally delightful, but amid the joyful hamminess sits Eddie Redmayne’s naive suitor, whose devotion makes this a charming watch.