Backdating options sec

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Backdating options sec

With limited exceptions, the committee retains discretion to adjust compensation pursuant to our clawback policy as well as for quality of performance and adherence to company values.See “How We Oversee & Manage Enterprise Risk” on Governance.

We have engaged shareowners on this issue and, based on their feedback, we believe that a significant portion of our investors would prefer an annual say-on-pay vote.

Goals and objectives, which include specific, risk-focused measures, reflect a balanced mix of performance measures to avoid placing excessive weight on any single measure.

Compensation is also balanced among current cash payments, deferred cash and equity awards.

The committee believes that the named executives, as key members of the company’s leadership team, share the responsibility to support GE’s goals and performance.

While this compensation philosophy influences all of the committee’s compensation decisions, it has the biggest impact on annual equity incentive grants.

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For example, all of our long-term performance award programs have paid out at less than 105% of target performance, ranging between 71% and 104%.