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By Jazmin Justo “Twisted Justice” is the most recent film by Director Kazuya Shiraishi, well known for his psychological crime thriller, “The Devil’s Path“, about an undercover cop that spirals deep into society’s underworld.The film won several awards at film festivals and the 37th Japan Academy Prize. Based on the real life scandal “Inaba Case” in Japan, the film digs into the back story of the case, showing a tangled world of the police force and yakuza, which has been an ongoing debate in Japan society.But as I read his autobiography, he was known simply as a bad cop became a very appealing human being.Q: Did you read the book before acting the character?Actor Ayano: I actually read it until after the premiere, to read the autobiography.The reason for that was I felt that we tend to focus on the screenplay or autobiography was up to the director and is not a decision for me to make.Asianin NY was able to interview the director and actor on their filming experience and the creation of the film. (chuckles) Q: What were some of the most memorable and embarrassing acting moments?Q: What were the challenges of playing your character? Sort of like Gary Oldman in “Leon The Professional” and of course, Heath Ledger and “The Joker”. Actor Ayano: One of my fondest memories is that I had so much fun on set that during one take, we had to stop rolling because the director’s laughter was so loud.

And of course coming here to New York City, has also become a seed for what I would do next and I will take that with me to Japan, and I will love to come back to New York again. Actor Ayano: I recommend you to not chose a career as an actor. Q: So I heard you have a new monster movie that is out. Actually there’s another director with the same last name. Director Shiraishi: (laughter) Yes, I will love to try to make a monster movie. Asian In NY has established itself as the premier social and cultural authority for Asians in New York City.

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Director Shiraishi: Yes of course, I will like to continue.

I’m actually I do consider working on films based on real actual accounts but at the same time, I will love to challenge myself with different genres but I think I ultimately go back to this genre.

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Actor Ayano: One of the challenges of playing the character Moroboshi was that I couldn’t really think about before or after a particular scene. (chuckles) I think one of the most embarrassing moment, is you know, that scene with the bubbles with the actress, and she’s a very sexy actress and she was on top of me, so that was extremely embarrassing. (chuckles) Q: What were the challenges in creating a crime film in contrast to your previous films?