Asp net formview itemupdating newvalues

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Asp net formview itemupdating newvalues

We have already see that we can get results from one control at a time with the findcontrol method, but this is what we were already doibng with conventional pages, not using the formview, and it is highly complicated as each type of control has to be handled a different way (for text boxes, .checked for check boxes, .selected Value for combos and many others).

This leads to thousands of lines of code tro handle all our edit forms.

Edit Dim dt Edit Data As New Data Table dt Edit Data = CType(Http Context. Item Updating ' need code here to get data from fmv Email and save it as dt New Data ' tried to access e. ' Tried: Dim row View As Data Row View = CType(fmv Email.

Our problem is to get the changed values back from the formview and I see nothing in your suggestions tto help us.

NET 3.5 SP1This post describes two gotchas with the Form View control when binding:1) When performing two way databinding, Null values and Nullables get changed to string. 2) Two way binding is not supported for nested controls.

When performing two way databinding, Null values and Nullables get changed to string. The way the Form View control handles null values has caused me some grief :-( Consider a Form View bound to an Object Data Source like so: On the other hand, if we try the same thing with the Details View control, the Last Name will still be “null” on update.

Then, the key bit is in the Item Updating and Item Inserting events, you can do this: Call Get Values((View, View.

First, it is important that the databind to the datatable is not used on page load except with "If Not Me.

Extract Values Check which ports are open to the outside world.

Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

Maybe somehow i need to populate the New Values and Old Values myself?

Hello, I am using a combination of a Grid View and a Form View to allow editing of a large table.

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