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“There was a period in my life where I was like, ‘The super fun girl!

’ If I was going out with you, it was going to be a crazy night,” she says.

She told James a Mexican saying that if a younger brother gets married before the older one, the older brother will never get married.“Now I’m a lot more mellow.” You can see that assurance in her red-carpet style, which she calls clean and classic, with just a dash of bombshell.“I’m leaning a lot toward form-fitting, structured clothes, because I have boobs,” says the actress, who is a buxom 5-foot-4.At that time, Brie was doing regional theater and had booked her first TV job in 2006, on “Hannah Montana.” Her agents kept sending her out “for a lot of girl-who-gets-killed parts,” but Brie saw more for herself.“I’ve always been a goofy person, but [with work] I took myself more seriously.” Her sincerity led to her breakout role as the prim ’60s housewife Trudy Campbell on “Mad Men” in 2007.

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“After playing Trudy and Annie back to back, people would say, ‘Oh, you’re like Miss Priss,’ and I’m really not.