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Naturally, in circumstances where the consequences to an individual or organization of, for example, wasted energy are dramatic - such as when the cost of energy is extremely high – then there is an increased chance that attention is drawn to the otherwise unattended problem, in as much as the core goal (e.g., profit making) is directly affected.

Given the figures, we believe that any public policy would do well to have the same focus.For example, for the richest decile of UK residents, the decile for whom personal carbon emissions are the highest, energy costs make up only 3.5% of their domestic expenditure, a percentage clearly insufficient to draw attention and to promote action (Vaze, 2009).Second, regarding awareness, even once attention has been drawn toward issues of environmental concern, there is very often a lack of awareness/knowledge regarding the measures that could plausibly be taken to ameliorate the position.In this paper, we are not primarily interested in exploring pro-environmental behavior change in those who, notwithstanding the scientific near-consensus, are either skeptical or outright hostile to any posited link between human activity and climate change.According to figures from various sources (Spence et al., 2010; You Gov, 2013), around 5% of UK adults do not believe that climate change is a real phenomenon at all, with a further 20% or so believing that, while climate change is real, it is primarily caused by natural processes other than human activity. (2013a,b) have investigated members of this skeptical minority in relation, for instance, to their political views and to their concomitant rejection of other scientific consensuses (see also, Specter, 2009). (2013a,b) lead us to think it unlikely that a significant proportion of this minority will be susceptible any time soon to pro-environmental psychological interventions.

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