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Adult chat line arizona

RAISING ARIZONA Screenplay by Ethan Coen Joel Coen OVER BLACK: VOICE OVER My name is H. He is addressing one of the Cons: COUNSELOR Why do you use the word "trapped"? Hi is getting out of the Chevy in a Hawaiian shirt, holding a pump-action shotgun.

At this point the pan has reached the COUNSELOR, an earnest, bearded young man who straddles a folding chair with his arms folded over its back. VOICE OVER I tried to stand up and fly straight, but it wasn't easy with that sumbitch Reagan in the White House... He primes the shotgun - WHOOSH - CLACK - and heads for the store. FLASH Full-face exposure of Hi once again in front of the mug-shot wall. Hi obliges but shoots sympathetic glances at Ed who is obviously upset, wiping away tears and snuffling behind the camera.

ANGLE ON THE STILL CAMERA It is mounted on a tripod. HI obliges, but still looks at Ed out of the corner of his eye. I'm not complainin', mind you; just sayin' there ain't no pancake so thin it ain't got two sides.

A bellowing male voice from offscreen: SHERIFF Don't forget the profile, Ed! VOICE OVER I was in for writing hot checks which, when businessmen do it, is called an overdraft.

VOICE OVER I tried to sort through what the Doc had said, but prison ain't the easiest place to think.

BACK TO HI He wearily turns his head to profile on the pillow and shuts his eyes. NATHAN ARIZONA (mixing up on the TV) So come on down to Unpainted Arizona for the finest selection in fixtures and appointments for your bathroom, bedroom, beaudoir! The owner of the largest chain of unpainted furniture and bathroom fixture outlets throughout the Southwest. He hefts the other baby with his free arm and brings the air back to the crib. He is straightening up, a baby in each arm, when he reacts in horror to something he sees across the room. By the time he reaches it the low-angle cropping shows us only his feet and calves. Come on honey, we better leave - Ed is rolling up the window and locking the door.

HIGH ANGLE CELL Same high shot with Moses on the top bunk, Hi on the lower. CHAIRMAN You're not just tellin' us what we wanna hear? CHAIRMAN Boy, didn't we just tell you not to do that? HI I'm walkin' in here on my knees, Ed - a free man proposin'. Hi stands in Bermuda shorts and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, hosing down the minuscule patch of front lawn. My lawless years were behind me; our child rearin' years lay ahead.

HI Well then I guess I am tellin' you what you wanna hear. TRACKING Over Hi's shoulder as he strides toward a door marked "Processing" and flings it open. Ed looks up from her camera, having just snapped a picture of another suspect against the hatched wall. ED'S ROOM As she nervously frets at her white bridal gown in front of a mirror. We pan with them rolling and continue off them to the night table, on which sits a framed pair of photographs of Hi, probably taken by Ed: One shows him full face, the other in profile. TRAILER TWILIGHT Ed sits in a lawn chair knitting a booty.

VOICE OVER Seemed like nothing could stand in our way now... Ed is gushing and kissing the baby through the rest of the conversation.

TRAILER BEDROOM In each other's arms, Hi and Ed roll over on the bed.

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VOICE OVER ..I got a job drilling holes in sheet metal. VOICE OVER ..Ed felt that having a critter was the next logical step. The amber is turning to a more neutral dusky light as the sun has set. VOICE OVER So we worked at it on the days we calculated most likely to be fruitful... TRAILER Hi is wearily entering after a long day at work, clutching his lunchpail.