A general history of the pyrates online dating validating wireless network

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A general history of the pyrates online dating

In mid-2004, executives at the Tokyo headquarters of the huge electronics multinational NEC began to hear reports that its products were being counterfeited and sold in Chinese stores. Reports of this kind were routine for any corporation of NEC’s size and reach, and in this case they initially seemed to concern small stuff—blank DVDs and the like.

The company nevertheless moved swiftly to put into action its standard response in such cases, hiring a firm called International Risk to look into the matter.

It is hard to imagine a more spectacular act of piracy, unless perhaps one could conjure up a fake World Intellectual Property Organization.

And in fact the venture came to light almost exactly on cue, just as impersonation of this kind had been identified as a growing piratical trend, set to succeed hacking and pharming as the mode of digital banditry du jour. It had been even singled out as a looming problem by the CEO of International Risk—who, not coincidentally, was a longtime veteran of the Hong Kong police experienced in tackling human kidnappings.

Especially hard to fight were brandjackers who operated across national boundaries, particularly the strait separating Taiwan from mainland China.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

There was no reason to suspect that this would prove to be anything more than yet another incident like all the others—irritating, no doubt, but impossible to suppress entirely.

Piracy of this kind was the unavoidable price of doing business on a global scale.

They extend far beyond the piecemeal purloining of intellectual property.

They reach, in fact, to the defining elements of modern culture itself: to science and technology; to authorship, authenticity, and credibility; to policing and politics; to the premises on which economic activity and social order rest.

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To manufacture them the impostor multinational had signed royalty arrangements with more than fifty businesses scattered through China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, at least some of which seemed to believe they were working for the real NEC.